Tuesday, July 22, 2014

15 Month Update

The babies haven’t reach 16 months yet, so I am still 100% on-time for their quick 15 month update. Right? Right! Their doctor’s appointment isn’t until next week, so I don’t have height or weight measurements, but I’m looking forward to seeing just how much they’ve grown since their 12 month birthday.

Can I get an Amen that we have not been to the doctor a single time between then and now? What an awesome change from the Fall/Winter when we were there several times a month.

The babies are toddlers, which is hard for me to wrap my head around. Until they do something very ‘toddler-ish’ and I am reminded that they are reaaaaally learning how to test their boundaries right now.

Like when Keegan tries to go into our room, which is off limits. He will touch the door with one finger. Then turn and look at me. When I say no, he will reach his finger back out reaaaaaaally slowly to try to do it again, and then look back and smirk. And I usually smirk right back. He’s a ham.

Noelle is a sponge, soaking up everything we say and do. And she is still very much a mama’s girl. She loves when she accomplishes something; and will do it over and over again.

We’ve had a busy month so far! Samantha and Travis’s wedding in Austin, a work trip to Houston for me, a work trip to San Antonio for Justin, a visit from Netta, BBQs with friends,  a new classroom, and therefore a new nap schedule for the babies, and lots of go, go, go in between.

We have a slow week and then a fun weekend! It’s the second Dallas TwINSTAGRAM meet-up on Saturday. If you don’t know, I met my very bestest group of twin mama friends on Instagram last year. We can’t wait to meet more local twin mamas and let the littles play.

Ok, here’s what's new. Or what I can brain dump in my 20 minutes of silence this morning:


Words; Mama, Dada, Ball, Bird, More, Deer, Book, Milk

Some fun actions; Where’s the bird? Points outside. Where’s the deer? Points to the wall (where our deer head and antlers hang…). Signs ‘more,’ When I say bath time, he BOLTS down the hallway to the bathroom. When I say ‘get in your seat,’ he goes right to his dinner chair. When I say bring me something (book, cow, brush, etc) he follows direction. Waves hi and bye, brushes his hair with a brush, brushes his teeth with his toothbrush, tries to put his shoes on. Can put large pieces of puzzles into matching spots, throws the ball FAR! Stacks blocks and knocks them down.

New animals noises; Recognizes and will bring me several different types of animals. Does moo for cow and woof for puppy.

Favorite things; Food, playing outside, Balls, bath time, laughing, playing chase

Least favorite things; Teething


Words; Mama, Dada, Ball, Bird, Deer, Car, Bebe, Book, Milk

Some fun actions; Where’s the bird? Points outside. Where’s the deer? Points to the wall (where our deer head and antlers hang…), waves hi and bye, follows direction to get in her seat, go to the bath, points out everything she sees and tries to explain to you what it is J, brings me her hat/sunglasses/bows/shoes to put on and gets really upset if any of the above fall off, waves hi and bye (she has to say hi to the fish at school every day), puts puzzle pieces in their matching spots, likes to move things back and forth; like puts her baby in the car, then a bowl, then the car, then the bowl. Brushes her teeth and hair, acts shy to be silly and make you laugh, a bit dramatic at times… but what girl isn’t?

New animal noises; Recognizes and will bring me several types of animals. Does moo for cow, Cak Cak for duck, woof for puppy, roar for dino. I know, we're starting with a random assortment of animals haha.

Favorite things; Her bebes, her fisher price volkswagon, playing outside, books, wearing accessories, giving kisses

Least favorite things; Diaper changes


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Essential Oils & Emotions: Concentration

Well, my week-long series was disrupted by a quick work trip and a horrible cold. But, I've been wearing Thieves in my diffuser necklace, drinking a TON of water with grapefruit oil, taking extra vitamin c, and I am on the mend. Perfect timing too, because in just two days I will be standing next to my Sam as she gets married! Yippee!

So, I'm back to cover a third common emotion that can be improved with essential oils. (If you didn't catch the last two, I blogged about anxiety and jealousy earlier this week).

Today's emotion is concentration. I have heard the most beautiful success stories about using YL essential oils to improve ADD/ADHD symptoms, but today I am focusing on something I have personally experienced an uplift in; just plain distraction, lack of concentration.

I am busy. Like, really busy. I am imperfectly balancing a full-time job, raising toddler twins, keeping a somewhat neat home, growing amazing friendships with new friends, spending enough one-on-one time with my husband, and educating myself on how to incorporate oils into our family. Some days I am a rock star in two or three areas. And some days I don't quite meet the high expectations I set for myself in any areas at all. But, each of the things I mentioned above are super important to me; I don't think being busy for the sake of being busy is a good thing at all.

Whether I'm trying to meet a work deadline, focus on a book I'm reading, finish up laundry so I can start dinner, or am about to tackle a solo grocery trip with the babies, its nice to get extra boosts of concentration support. Sometimes it's helpful to get that 'kick' so I can re-focus my attention on something I'm trying to accomplish. I like that I can rub an essential oil on the back of my neck, stick a drop in my diffuser necklace, or even put a drop under my tongue for a natural way to direct my energy and concentrate. I wish I would have known about these oils in college!! It would have brought my caffeine intake down a ton. :)
Emotion: Concentration
The Essential Oils Desk Reference v5 highlights specific oils that can encourage concentration. It's important to remember that just because there are several oils listed, it doesn't mean you have to use each one. Use what you have on-hand from the starter kit, or if you see the same essential oil recommended for different emotions you're juggling, maybe make the investment to order that oil this month.

As you experiment with frequent diffusing, inhaling or topical application, you'll begin to see which one ignites the best response in your body. Everyone is different!

Singles: Cedarwood, Peppermint, Frankincense, Lemon, Cardamom
Blends: Clarity, Brain Power

The oils bolded/hyperlinked are all included in the Premium Starter Kit. This kit is what I truly recommend for anyone looking to begin their journey with essential oils. It includes 11 oils and the home diffuser, so you are fully equipped to jump right in.

I am linking up to The Pretty Oil, where they have an in-depth look at these essential oils and their uses.

Any questions on YL essential oils:
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